Skype you Beauty

30 10 2009

Do yourself a big favor. SAVE SOME BUCKS!

How often is it we can say, these days, that you have total faith in a product or service? Well, never actually. BUT, I am well exited about Skype. Skype In, Skype Out, Skype Shake It-All-About. Skype Whatever-ever-you-want-to-call-it, there’s not a whole lot I can find wrong with this product. I mean service. I mean… does anyone know exactly what it is? Ok, it’s both!

I’ve spent some time. I’ve done some research. I don’t work for Skype. I’m not affiliated with Skype. As VoIP providers go IT IS A HANDS-DOWN WINNER. Fact: AT&T bill: ~$100 per month for local, long distance, and international including a couple of quick calls to friends and family in the UK from LA during the average month. FACT: Skype Unlimited World- $12.95/month, SkypeIn (your own number, mine’s a Santa Monica #) – $30.00/year (PER YEAR). Call charges are miniscule. Except when you calling, for example, British mobile networks. It’s only here that things start to heat up, but only just a bit, with calls averaging around $0.25 per minute.

A quick piece of advice regarding using “hard” Skype phones as a convenient alternative to the downloadable software client:

STD1_skypeDO NOT BUY THIS ONE: The Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype. It’s a piece of crap. I got mine from for $132.55. Much to my frustration when I saw in Fry’s the  next day for $100.00 ( wants $179.99 for it!!!) Anyway, this “Wi-Fi” phone drops it’s Wi-Fi connection consistently every 5-10 minutes. Even when you are in a call! Not very convenient. That’s why mine is on it’s way straight back to Amazon.

YOU COULD TRY THIS ONE: The Belkin Internet Phone for Skype_Desktop_Phone_1Skype. Knowing better this time, I got it from Fry’s for a knock-down price of $65.84 ($99.99 at due to an open box and no  manual (big deal). It’s kind-of-cool actually. It’s not wireless so it’s  impossible to drop the connection. There are some issues though like having trouble calling 800 #s and traversing call menu systems like when you call the bank. Fry’s gives you a full money back guarantee so let’s see how it goes.

The fact of the matter is, Skype is a superb innovation-type product. And a real cash saver. I haven’t seen a cash saver like this since Tony and I discovered the monorail in Las Vegas. As a systems engineer, I’m trying to get it to work flawlessly with another superb innovation-type product called 3CX. A software based VoIP PBX phone system for Windows. I may write about that later too.