Los Angeles SaaS Host Makes Communications Effortless for Orange County Non-Profit

7 02 2010

The Simon Family Foundation looked to Highland Managed Service Providers for a hosted messaging solution that would finally give them the kind of mobile communications they were looking for through the power of Microsoft Exchange.

Not-for-profit Simon Family Foundation (SFF) looked to Highland MSP for a mobile communications solution when it was decided they were going to relocate their operations to a new un-disclosed site in Orange County. Highland MSP responded right away by deploying their own embodiment of hosted MS Communication Services to include over-the-air synchronization of Outlook email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes to SFF staffers’ Apple iPhones, Blackberries and laptops.

The service was deployed in minutes. Then with their free copy of Outlook 2007 they got an instant, Enterprise-class, messaging infrastructure with all the features and functionality of an Exchange 2007 organization on-demand, paying-as-they-go, no credit card down, no long-term contracts signed.


CEO and Founder of Highland MSP, Stuart Le Fevre notes, “Competition for hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is really starting to heat up now. With the commercialization of cloud computing, the number of SaaS providers has exploded in recent times and continues to expand. That said, I believe the hosting giants have already fallen victims of their own success and there’s an opportunity today for smaller hosts like Highland to thrive. We’re thriving because we have a specific interest in bringing value-add to our clients and to create a experience where there’s a strong awareness of quality of service. When you sign up with a big Exchange host for example, yes, you’re getting a cheap solution but, to the host , you’re just a number getting lost in a sea of numbers and you’re never going to get quality of service. Especially when it comes to support.”

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