Certs and Skills Upgraded!

2 02 2012

Congratulations Highland MSP!

We’ve upgraded our compentancies and skills base and earned 4 new Microsoft certificates.

MCSE 2003: Messaging & Security: OUT!

MCTS 2008: IN!


Los Angeles IT Company Blows The Shutters Off San Bernadino Window Fashions Company

21 10 2011

Yunlong USA are not disappointed. Highland Managed Service Providers brings order back to the office when they decided it was time for a total technology refresh – "We wanted new stuff, Stu clicked his fingers and, whoosh! Like that, it was done".


Ontario, California. Jim and Francie are beaming as they show us what’s been done lately to make their computer network sing. “We knew we were ready for a much-needed technology makeover. Things were beginning to slow down quite considerably. We needed fresh thinking, new ideas and a support system that we could rely on. Stuart came in with all of that and more”.

Stuart Le Fevre is the founder of Highland MSP and now the Technology Manager for Yunlong USA. Jim hired HMSP to lead the transition of their ageing systems from old hardware to new. But by bringing in Microsoft’s latest and greatest all-in-one solution, ‘Small Business Server 2011’; they got more than ever imagined.

“Jim’s services were everywhere and out of control. Under-performing POP mailboxes, completely befuddled public domain and DNS structure scattered to the four corners of the Internet. No warranties left on any hardware. Spam and slow performing computers ran amok”. Stuart Le Fevre, Founder HSMP

The main thrust of the project was to install a brand new Dell Power Edge running SBS 2011. This version of SBS has some superb built-in features like Exchange 2010 and SharePoint Foundation. It was the perfect fit for future proofing Jim and Francie’s office network. Stuart adds, ‘Be sure you run it on as fast hardware as you can provide though. It’s a hungry beast’.

So what else happened to get the network to running to the high standard it runs at today? In Stuart’s opinion, it all about fault tolerance and redundancy. Here, he lays bare to what he considers are exactly the right ingredients to get business really moving in today’s SMB world.

Dell Power Edge Server.
•  Get high (Front Side Bus) speed RAM and SAS hard drives.
•  Get the Dell Enterprise Remote  Access Controller for lights-out management
•  Get the Power Edge pre-configure RAID 1 RAID 5 – this is crucial to drive SBS 2011
•  Built-in RD 1000 removable backup supports up to 1TB per cartridge
•  Dell (or APC Smart UPS) UPS with Network Management Card, again, for lights-out management

Sonicwall Network Security Appliance
•  For gateway security and web content filtering.
•  For redundant broadband accessibility

Small Business Server 2011
•  Sharing and collaboration with SharePoint Foundation.
•  State-of-the-art messaging with Exchange 2010 (best run with Outlook 2010)
•  Bare Metal server recovery capability with SBS 2011 Backup Wizard
•  Remote Web Access enables users to access their office PCs, shared folders, email and SharePoint
•  Server 2008 R2 with very useful roles like Hyper-V

Postini Mail Security
•  Inbound message filtering for spam
•  Inbound message virus and threat protection

Backup Exec for Small Business 2011
•  Good all-round solution for backup and disaster recovery protection for data stored on the server, MS Exchange, SharePoint and workstations.

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Los Angeles SaaS Host Makes Communications Effortless for Orange County Non-Profit

7 02 2010

The Simon Family Foundation looked to Highland Managed Service Providers for a hosted messaging solution that would finally give them the kind of mobile communications they were looking for through the power of Microsoft Exchange.

Not-for-profit Simon Family Foundation (SFF) looked to Highland MSP for a mobile communications solution when it was decided they were going to relocate their operations to a new un-disclosed site in Orange County. Highland MSP responded right away by deploying their own embodiment of hosted MS Communication Services to include over-the-air synchronization of Outlook email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes to SFF staffers’ Apple iPhones, Blackberries and laptops.

The service was deployed in minutes. Then with their free copy of Outlook 2007 they got an instant, Enterprise-class, messaging infrastructure with all the features and functionality of an Exchange 2007 organization on-demand, paying-as-they-go, no credit card down, no long-term contracts signed.


CEO and Founder of Highland MSP, Stuart Le Fevre notes, “Competition for hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is really starting to heat up now. With the commercialization of cloud computing, the number of SaaS providers has exploded in recent times and continues to expand. That said, I believe the hosting giants have already fallen victims of their own success and there’s an opportunity today for smaller hosts like Highland to thrive. We’re thriving because we have a specific interest in bringing value-add to our clients and to create a experience where there’s a strong awareness of quality of service. When you sign up with a big Exchange host for example, yes, you’re getting a cheap solution but, to the host , you’re just a number getting lost in a sea of numbers and you’re never going to get quality of service. Especially when it comes to support.”

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Highland MSP Partners with 3CX

6 02 2010


Being the altogether downbeat person that I am, I want you to appreciate that I’d never shamelessly publicize a product unless I though it was actually worth it. I came across 3CX just browsing randomly one day. I was intrigued at the idea of a completely software-based phone system. 3CX is very cool and it works really rather well. Small footprint, easy to install, runs on XP, easy to configure and easy to backup and restore. There’s even a feature rich free version available for download which does pretty good job too. The licensing for the commercial versions is remarkably simple. It goes like this; the more simultaneous calls you want, the more you pay in licensing – easy. It starts at $450 and goes all the way up to $25,000. A breathe of fresh air compared to the virtually impossible-to-nail-down Microsoft licensing structure I think you’ll agree.

What is 3CX? 3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX for Windows which replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It’s based on the SIP standard and supports standard SIP software / hardware phones. It allows calls to be made via a VOIP service provider or via the regular PSTN. It includes a web-based configuration interface, voice mail, auto attendant and call hunting among other things. Both commercial and a free edition are available.

I’m skipping the debate on the pros and cons of switching to VoIP. The bottom line is that switching to VoIP in the office will reduce costs of non-local calling and increase revenue – FACT. This little discussion is about what you’re going to do about a PBX phone system after you make the decision to go VoIP.

The other thing I was quite pleased about 3CX is that it enables people like me, essentially a Windows network infrastructure dude, to break into the VoIP field and begin deploying and supporting the IP PBX phone system without too much agitation. Highland Managed Service Providers has partnered with 3CX. We strongly believe this technology will be a great success.