My Prometheus Review (without spoilers)

2 06 2012

The stakes are high with Prometheus. It’ 33 years since Ridley Scott made Alien (and 30 years since Blade Runner). Anyone with the slightest interest in Sci-Fi will be waiting with baited breathe to see what’s going on with this movie. It’s the most highly anticipated movie of a genre since George Lucas announced he was making the first 3 Start Wars movies, and we all know how that went.

As a movie, I’d go as far to say Prometheus was very good but the story is soooo much bigger than the movie in this case. The story is quintessential. It’s the most important aspect of the film by a long shot and everyone wants to know the bigger picture. By now most of us know Prometheus is a ‘prequel’ to Alien, or reboot might be a better word and make no mistake, the story is amazing, it’s absolutely brilliant.

It’s visually stunning, the photography beautiful, as is the technology. This is where Ridley Scott really comes into his own. He’s a superb graphic artist and always delivers the goods on the screen.

Michael Fassbender plays a brilliant synthetic human, as do the two archaeologist characters. I was glad to see another strong female protaganist in Dr Elizabeth Shaw. But some of the characters were wishy-washy. They weren’t that strong (bad Scottish actress) and lacked development. We could have heard more from the other members of the crew. Even just a few extra lines would have helped (see Dallas, Lambert, Kane from Alien. Corporal Hicks, Vasquez, Hudson, Drake et al from Aliens). There’s a lack of intensisty from the crew that could have been explored a bit futher. It would have played better into our primal fears, and Empire was right, there’s no ‘accumulation of dread’. And turn up the suspense a bit too, while you’re there!

All-in-all I liked it, and I’m still buzzing off the story. It really hit the mark. Thank you for laying the mystery to rest in such a cool way, I’ll let you off the characters for that!

Final score: 8.2/10




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